All Anthony Luciano bags are made one by one, entirely by hand in a true workshop - unique in today's world where scale and efficiency are prized over quality, even at the high end.  With such a specialized manufacturing process, Anthony is able to create a bag that is truly just for you.

Frequently, clients will use our current collection pieces as a jumping off point for inspiration as they create their own, special bag.  We are able to modify color, material and/or size, often changing shoulder straps, closures, gussets, tassels, outside and inside pockets, among many other details.

lg Robinson w flap 2.jpg

Kim's story

Collection style modified with added flap, external pockets and second shoulder strap for one of our favorite clients, Kim J.

Very often, our clients are seeking a bag for weddings and other special occasions that will coordinate with an already purchased gown, shoes or both. Using swatches or the existing pieces, we work closely with each client to capture the color and design sensibility desired, while accurately reflecting their unique personality.  The final customized bag becomes a meaningful collectible, forever reminding you of an important life moment. 

jeri berman davis.jpg

Jeri's Story

Custom alligator bag to coordinate with lace gown for Jeri D.

Anthony is also able to create new styles to your specification, entirely from scratch.  You know that favorite bag of yours that you have worn for ten years (or more!) and can't bear to part with, despite it being well past its expiration date?  Send it to us.  We will create the pattern and make you a brand new one in the material of your choice, allowing that favorite bag of yours to live on and on.  (It happens more often than you think!)

debbie d.jpg

Debbie D's Story

Custom ostrich bag to coordinate with shoes for Debbie D.

We work with you to create your customized bag in any way that suits you:  if you live in or are visiting New York, we love to work directly with you in our studio where all the materials are there for inspiration, along with the artisans working their magic.  We are also happy to work through all of the details with you in any combination of phone, email, text and fax.  The custom process is a labor of love for us, and we value working with each customer as they prefer.  We say, long live the old school, high touch customer relationship.  That gives us our meaning.

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