Every piece is designed and entirely hand-made in our New York studio with the finest materials and skins, using generations-old artisanal craftsmanship. Notably, each piece has a penny sewn in for good luck and prosperity in the Italian tradition.  

Made with a passion for detailed leather-working, timeless style and belief in celebrating originality, your Anthony Luciano bag proudly reflects your personal style and preference for the unique over passing trend.  Anthony's fierce independence and character infuse every product we make and the business overall.  

We take immense pride in being different and bucking the modern trend of efficiency of scale.  We are "old-fashioned" in our approach to working with our clients and how we make our products.  

Our priorities are personal relationships, handwork, passion, creativity, style, and, always, laughter.  We know these values are, inarguably, more enduring and meaningful than the whims of fashion.