Each frame bag is built around a central piece of vintage hardware dating from the Victorian era to the 1950’s.  The glamourous mystery buried in the history of each frame inspires Anthony as he designs a bag around it.

These feminine accoutrements once belonged to the aristocrats and upper echelons of society who prized the intricacy of the frame as a piece of art as much or more than the bag itself.  Unlike modern handbags with zippers and magnetic closures, antique frame bags were built around a clasp or closure that snapped shut. The frames are made from rare materials including sterling silver, ivory, bakelite and tortoise shell, with extremely intricate embellishments like micro-mosaics, beading, and semi-precious stones.  These rare finds are a jumping-off point for inspiration, allowing you to select the perfect material and craft your own custom piece, uniquely yours in a modern society seemingly defined by mass-market style. 

Your Anthony Luciano vintage frame bag is a collectible piece of history, both past and future. While the frame tells the story of a woman of a different era, your new bag will capture the story of you, to be passed along to future generations.  What will that story be?


To begin the process of building your custom vintage frame bag, contact our studio at 212 563 2223 or email us at info@anthonyluciano.com